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Promotional Products

Everyone likes to receive a gift once in a while, even if this gift has a promotional value.
We offer the best promotional products fits to your business.
We help you to use them for:
Symbol of an organization membership
A giveaway in your tradeshow
Gift at promotional events
Thank your customers
Introduce new services, products
Reinforce the established services and generate sales leads
These products make a difference to your business, as long itís the right product and offered at the right time, it will definitely expand your advertising exposure and it will built customer loyalty.
Promotional products will boost your direct mail response. It has been proven that persons who receive a promotional item can remember the advertiser even after six months after the item received.
Its very important that you choose the right product for your business. We research about your audience and the purpose of your event and we choose the right product which fits to your budget
And donít forget we can imprint anything on anything.

Our Services:

We research for what you need
Confirm the product with you
Imprint your message
Arrange the distribution


Embroidery Services

Thinking about having your logo or message on clothing?
One of the most effective way of branding is to give away clothing with your message or logo on it. It looks like you are hiring others to promote your business for free. They wear it everywhere and if theyíve been asked about the logo or message they will explain it to people for you.
Since you pass the gift to your customers or members and you donít know how long they will using it for, it is very important that you have the right message written on the gift and itís important to do it the right way.
Yes embroidery can be expensive but it has its own response for your business too, also if you do it in large amount it will definitely breaks down the price. If you cannot afford the large quantity you still donít need to be worry about the price because we are ordering large amount of embroidery job to our suppliers so we can negotiate a good discount for you

What we doÖ

High quality design with right specs for embroidery
Find the best quality material for your job
Negotiate a good price for you
Take care of the job from start to finish

Imprint Services

Another way good way of branding is to imprint or engrave your logo or message on one of the promotional materials which is related to your message or your company and pass it to the right type of your potential customers or members.
This gift can be a very simple calendar or a very high quality medallion with your name engraved on it. We are not recommending that you go and buy the most expensive gifts for your business, what we recommend is to analyze your target market and buy the gift which is relates to them, this way you make sure that your gift doesnít end up to a recycling bin or a garbage bag, you need to make sure that more than 50% of people having your gift keeping it in the right place either on their office desk or on the kitchen wall at home or they carrying it with them.

What we doÖ

High Quality design with right specs for imprint or engraving
Find the right and the most effective gift for your customers or members
Negotiate a good price for you
Take care of the job from start to finish

Our Services:

Embroidery Services
Imprint Services
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